Lotus Root Slices in Gin Spiced Pickle Juice

Lotus Root Slices in Gin Spiced Pickle Juice


Thin lotus root slices in gin spiced pickle juice.

Not just for cocktails, they’re perfect perched on the side of a sundae glass to glam up ice cream, with maybe just a swirl of syrup too. Match the colour with raspberry cheesecake, or the flavour with ginger desserts – you can even eat the crisp little discs once you’re done.

No plant is more revered in ancient cultures than the sacred lotus. Lotus roots have a fascinating natural pattern with a mild flavor. Sliced and combined with interesting flavors, these Lotus Root Specialty Garnishes are perfect for decorating cocktails and food. The infused liquid in the jar is also an ingredient ready to be used. Choose from three natural flavors and colors to pair in with your creations.


Lotus root slices (40%), gin


Sold in 200g/7oz net glass jar containing 12 x 3mm slices.

*Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free.

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