Wild Hibiscus Flowers in ROSE Syrup

Wild Hibiscus Flowers in ROSE Syrup


A glorious indulgence bursting with joie de viver!  A tribute to the eternal romance of the rose, this product contains the natural essence of 12 Bulgarian Roses and 15 hand picked Wild Hibiscus Flowers

The ultimate edible garnish for sparkling wine, cocktails, desserts and more. 

Our rose oil is the most premium rose oil in the world and combined with the hibiscus the flavour is well rounded and not overpowering but still very sensual and delicious.

Can be used for food and beverage (mostly sweet applications). Gorgeous bight crimson color and a sensational taste with hints of raspberry, rhubarb and the sensual flavour of rose all rolled into one. The flowers have a similar firmness to lychees or dried cranberries.

Sold in 350g/8.8oz net glass jar containing 15 whole flowers.

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